Mission and Values


I support people in reaching their website and business goals.



  • I provide tools, support and information that enable the transformation of obstacles into tangible, real-world solutions.
  • I use language that illustrates to others that they are safe, supported and have access to what they need.
  • I encourage others to go ahead and fan the flames of their internal fire.


  • I continually feed my mind and keep my brain healthy with a steady intake of new information, new ideas and new ways of doing things.
  • I pay it forward and share my knowledge and information with others so all people have more tools to grow through.


  • I share my calm with others and diffuse situations with compassion.
  • If theres a question, I ask it. If I don’t understand, I get more information.
  • I don’t keep things to myself. Instead, I express thoughts kindly and with the intent of creating solutions.
  • I am open and honest because I respect others and myself.


  • I treat people with honor, respect and kindness no matter who they are or what they have done, as every living being on this planet is entitled to goodness.
  • I reach for connection and understanding during conflict, to bridge separation.
  • I validate and acknowledge the value in others.


  • I assume the best intentions in others.
  • I know that solutions are available and I invest my energy in creating them.
  • I take it easy and relax. I allow life to be a pleasant ride.
  • I feel patient with the process. Things unfold over time.


  • I always look for ways to relate to other people and build strong bridges.
  • I embrace people and situations with a gentle understanding and forgiveness.
  • I grant others and myself compassion and forgiveness.


  • I am willing to shed old ideas and embrace new ideas with love.
  • I allow people a little wiggle room to be human. Including myself. Mistakes are one way that we learn.
  • The world is constantly in flux and as a participant I am constantly evolving, changing and growing, too.


  • I take responsibility for my well being, my choices and my actions.
  • I claim my mistakes and my successes comfortably.
  • I am aware of my power and I am excited to move forward.