See Creatures

See Creatures ( © 2013 amy kamala fiske all rights reserved) I decided to try and share daily doodles on here. I can’t actually promise daily posts, especially not colored ones, but ‘as-frequently-as-possible doodles’ just doesn’t sound as catchy. so anyway here’s a sketchbook doodle – mechanical pencil/digitally painted. feel free to share. xo

Happy Places: With My Sister

“With My Sister” – Happy Places Series ©2013 Amy Elyza Kamala Fiske This one isn’t done yet, but still showed in DTLA this past weekend.  I’m making it to print on a journal for my sister. I want to give her a unique and special place to put her amazing writing. Don’t tell her, though. … Read moreHappy Places: With My Sister

Happy Places; With Nature

Here is some new artwork from my Happy Places Series 2013 (in progress) ©2013 amy kamala fiske all rights reserved These images are multi-media- photo/drawing/digital I have more in the works. Gonna roll with this series until I run out of inspiration for it. The past 5-6 years have been really rough on me, and … Read moreHappy Places; With Nature

You Are Loved; Some Bunny Loves You

“Some Bunny Loves You” – part of my You Are Loved Series ©2011 amy elyza kamala fiske all rights reserved These two heart-nosed kissy bun buns were a design for stuffed animals. I gave my boyfriend one of the dolls before he went on tour (He’s the stage production manager for the Glitch Mob) and … Read moreYou Are Loved; Some Bunny Loves You

Purr Are Loved.

“purr are loved” drawing #2 in my You Are Loved series ©2007 amy elyza kamala fiske all rights reserved I just want to lighten the tone a bit – plus I need to catch my blog up by posting some older artwork. So, I’ll be sharing a few images from my You Are Loved Series. … Read morePurr Are Loved.

Happily Never After

“Happily Never After” #3 in my Sad Series ©2010 amy elyza kamala fiske all rights reserved Here is a drawing from 2010. An expression of the culmination of my heart’s many wounds, and of the ultimate reality of my romantic life.  Lately I’ve been coming to terms with the idea that I will never experience … Read moreHappily Never After

Kitteh D:

“My Kitty Got Smooshed” ©2007 Amy Kamala Fiske  part of the Sad Series Not to perpetuate the tortured artist stereotype, but hey, I guess I am a bit of a tortured artist at times. Stereotypes do tend to come from some fragment of truth, don’t they?  Here is a hybrid digital-drawing of mine from 2007, … Read moreKitteh D: