You Are Loved; Some Bunny Loves You

“Some Bunny Loves You” – part of my You Are Loved Series

©2011 amy elyza kamala fiske all rights reserved

These two heart-nosed kissy bun buns were a design for stuffed animals. I gave my boyfriend one of the dolls before he went on tour (He’s the stage production manager for the Glitch Mob) and kept the other. He carried it with him for quite some time but I’m pretty sure he’s lost his by now. So my little bun is sitting in a box of my “special stuff” all by herself with a half a heart for a nose. *tear*

One of these days I will make another pair of some bunny loves you aminals and make sure to take some photos this time before I give them away (or possibly sell them on etsy :P) I usually make stuffed animals as gifts and usually only make one of them.  Maybe I will post up some (crappy quality) pics of some of my other stuffed animals.

anyway, I love these two. I’m so corny 😀

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