Own Your WordPress: How to Optimize slides wclv ’19

WordCamp Las Vegas ’19 I had an amazing time at WordCamp Vegas 2019 this past weekend! Thank you to the event organizers for hosting and for doing an incredible job! I plowed through these slides during my talk, since I packed it so full of information in a typical amy fashion. This presentation originally had … Read moreOwn Your WordPress: How to Optimize slides wclv ’19


this is my fault, i suppose.. for wanting you. i could be one of those that stay in hiding, too. quiet, secret, closed .. stone walls and a tower of blue with weapons and a mote and a claim that i was true, but i won’t. i want to know.. when will the sun rise … Read morewanting

rise above

are you just a flickering ? quickly enter, quickly exit scene? burn me when i try to hold .. fire, then ice. you’re hot, you’re cold. thinking i’m just paper thin, disintegrate the state i’m in .. rapidly turned into ash. go too fast and watch me crash. i know, there is a lot to … Read morerise above


shook he shook the very ground i walk on and i fell a million miles into the core of myself i spent suns and moons reaching to understand reaching for him reaching without finding dying without rebirth asking without answers an endless darkness where there was only my shadow and me running got me nowhere … Read moreshook


win i am that ivory tower you see, distant through the mist.. hanging over an edge, with power, upon a precarious cliff. i linger, it’s shrill but silent… and my stare is persistent but quiet. the night that surrounds me, it begs to believe .. my light spins around me begging to reach.. when it … Read morewin