hi. let’s talk about me for a second!

amy kamala is a fine artist specializing in mixed media, multimedia, traditional-digital hybrid artwork that speaks of damaged innocence, child-like wonder and the beauty of nature. Her digital-drawing hybrid work is adorable and endearing with a strikingly dark edge that touches on issues of love, loss and lonliness. Through video, photography and animation, amy tends to express the more hopeful, curious and playful side of herself. amy’s work is personal and auto-biographical, emotional and complex.

Born and raised in Venice Beach, California, to a musical and artistic family, amy was heavily influenced by her artist father and the Venice culture of arts and crafts at a young age. Encouraged to explore her creative expression from day 1, amy began her formal studies in the arts as a child at art school Mission Rennaissance. Her studies continued throughout high school as she took AP art and photography classes, and attended OTIS Colleges Summer of Art program where she studied fine arts and Photography. Amy then attended OTIS College of Art and Design as a full time student, where she earned her BFA. While at OTIS amy explored sculpture, digital media and video and developed an interest in animation sprung by a strong desire to make her drawings move. After graduating from OTIS she went on to work in animation, post-production, graphic design and art instruction, and has delved into Animation at UCLA in the Film and TV department’s Animation Workshop where she is an MFA candidate. Although passionate about multimedia, amy ultimately always returns to her original loves; drawing and photography.

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