My Hope For You

My hope for you is that when you look back on your life and on your story that you love the shit out of it.

The hardship you have endured shows your inner strength and ability to persevere.

The loss you have endured shows your capacity to love.

The fear that weakens you is a message, uncovering the parts of you that need some extra care.

Any failures you feel you have made are only lessons that you learned. There is no such thing as failure. There is only trying, trying more, and trying something else.

You and all your parts that hurt are deserving of love, of forgiveness, of letting go.. and you deserve to be embraced with compassion no matter what. Your own. Everyone else’s.

That starts with loving where you came from and loving your story. Your stories illustrate your super powers. The power to overcome. The power to transform. The power to grow and evolve.

Own it and be proud of being able. <3

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