Succulents and Sunshine

I’m a hobby photographer with a little bit of professional training… seems like nature pics have been working out for me lately.  here are a few 🙂  some day i will get a good macro lens so i can really get close.

We’re Happy Bee-ing Together

We’re Happy Bee-ing Together (Daily Doodles #2) ©2013 amy kamala fiske All Rights Reserved – mechanical pencil/digitally colored The irony is after I drew this my dood and I got in a huge fight about some stupid BS and we almost broke up.  gotta love it. #irony

See Creatures

See Creatures ( © 2013 amy kamala fiske all rights reserved) I decided to try and share daily doodles on here. I can’t actually promise daily posts, especially not colored ones, but ‘as-frequently-as-possible doodles’ just doesn’t sound as catchy. so anyway here’s a sketchbook doodle – mechanical pencil/digitally painted. feel free to share. xo

Felt Bear + Kittah

Bear & Kitty Design ©2009 amy elyza kamala fiske all rights reserved I made this bear and this kitty cat for my nephews a few years back.  I guess they’re a bit girlie but they were really young at the time.  My sis-in-law said she displayed them in the boys’ room 🙂 I fuckin’ love … Read moreFelt Bear + Kittah

You Are Loved; Some Bunny Loves You

“Some Bunny Loves You” – part of my You Are Loved Series ©2011 amy elyza kamala fiske all rights reserved These two heart-nosed kissy bun buns were a design for stuffed animals. I gave my boyfriend one of the dolls before he went on tour (He’s the stage production manager for the Glitch Mob) and … Read moreYou Are Loved; Some Bunny Loves You