we came this far, DreamPress.

We came this far. My DreamPress and I. When I still had root access I customized the crap outta it. I learned how to fail2ban and how to IPtables on it. I learned how to build a plugin, a theme, a child theme and a widget on it. It was my testing ground for all things server-side, all things WordPress and all things DreamPress for years. My lil’ DreamPressy has served me well. <3 <3 <3

I am sad to say though, it seems we may have gone about as far as we can go together.

I tried to make it work. I really did. I just cant do what I want to do without root access anymore (which is to embed Python scripts into a WordPress blog, atm).

I installed Python 3.6 and I installed Python 3.7 locally in the user directory of my DreamPress. That was great, it worked out, DreamHost has excellent documentation in their knowledge base. Kudos, my friends.

But the scripts I’ve been making need the tk module, according to the big fat errors I’ve been getting, which *clearly* isn’t in the Python build I’ve got.

I tried installing that locally too but it won’t seem to compile without sudo. 🙁 Like I said, I tried. I might even try some more. Idk. Chances are really high I will try more. This _is_ me we’re talking about. I’m persistent.

If that doesn’t work though. I’d have to wait until DreamHost upgrades DreamPress’ from Trusty to Bionic? :heart_eyes: …..and installs a bunch of extra Python modules? hmmm. DreamHost will definitely be upgrading DreamPress servers, no doubt, but that second bit? unlikely.

Bionic comes with Python 3.6 and I need 3.7. So I’d need a custom build _anyway_. Then I need that tk module ^__^ so I need root either way.

I know, I KNOW! I could just code with Python 2. I’m not trying to go backwards, though. I’m eagerly waiting on Python 4!

I used to have root on all DreamPress servers but I left my job at DreamHost a few months ago. Makes sense that I don’t get to just run amuck with root access anymore. I’m not mad. A little sad, but not mad. I really loved my root access. >.<

A little grateful for my time at DreamHost, too, because THAT got me this far. THAT contributed to who and what I am today. I just outgrew my position there, kinda like how I’m outgrowing my DreamPress hosting platform now. 😮

The point is, though .. Not having root blows. :grimacing:

(yes, I am using slack emoti shortcuts even though this is not slack)

..but that’s aside the point. I’m mostly just here to explain why 1) I might migrate this website to another hosting platform soon and 2) I’m actually feeling super blessed right now because one of my besties .. who is a technician at DreamHost .. has spun me up a Bionic instance with root access on DreamHost’s unmanaged Cloud hosting platform DreamCompute.

Isn’t that just so sweet!? More :heart_eyes:

So now I’m logged into ubuntu@amy-instance and I’m about to install Python 3.7. A simple command for that is:

sudo apt install python3.7

But don’t just go and fire off commands. Like me. (>.>) Don’t be an amy.

There is a much better way to do this. I will make my next blog post about how to install Python 3.7.3 on Ubuntu Bionic.

After that I’ll install a test WP with my KittenPE beta on it and see how that goes. =^_^=

I have a feeling it’ll all go beautifully.

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