Well Hello there! I’d like to introduce all you internet dwellers out there to the beta and first version of my Kitten Python Embed plugin.

You can check it out on my GitHub.

Confession time. It’s very, very simple at the moment. I didn’t even build out the activation and deactivation functions yet but believe me, I am going to. This is one step in the right direction. Also, it works. Yay!

For the record, I have zero intentions of distributing this plugin at the moment. Full disclosure, I got a lot of code inspiration from Stack Overflow for the Python embedding part.

Why would I make it, then? And why for embedding Python scripts, you may ask?

Well. Here it is. More confessions.

I’ve been playing with Python a lot ..

…and it’s so, so much fun. I made some Alice-n-Wonderland style patterns with the Turtle and Math modules, and I made a super simple command line game with Python this past week. No ragrats.

Of course I want to find a way to share the things I’m making! Screen shots aren’t interactive.. However there isn’t an *easy* way to do that yet. Especially with WordPress.

Yet 😛

That is the inspiration for the KittenPE.

Behold the Python script below printing ‘meow’ and getting embedded in the post by the brand new baby plugin KittenPE. Woot! :confetti:

sh: /home/wp_fy2d7t/ /usr/bin/python: bad interpreter: No such file or directory

It ain’t much but it’s honest work! Next! To figure out how to embed my game. 😮

You see, I reached a technical hurdle because my server unfortunately does not have Python 3 installed yet (sad kitteh noises) and I’m coding with Python 3. So either I’m going to have to move servers or install Python (and OpenSSL, sigh) myself. Good times.

Clearly coding with Python 2 is not an option (>.>).

Edit: I Installed Python3 and it was easy. ^__^ Now I need to make a front end html form for the input part of my game script.

Either way this is a totally solid step and I’m stoked about whats coming next.


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