How To: Install Python 3.7.3 on Ubuntu Bionic

Note: sudo access is required for this ^__^ As I mentioned in another post, I want to be able to embed Python scripts that use the tk module into my WordPress blog (this website). I started a basic plugin that effectively embeds Python scripts into WordPress posts (yay!) … however I hit a snag when … Read moreHow To: Install Python 3.7.3 on Ubuntu Bionic

Update Post Types with SQL Syntax

Sometimes when you’re first starting out with WordPress, your wires can get crossed when it comes to pages and posts. People start out making pages or posts playing around, which leads to actually making web pages and blog posts for more serious purposes. Although… most people aren’t really sure the difference between the two, because … Read moreUpdate Post Types with SQL Syntax

Resource List

WordPress Getting started with WordPress by WordPress: Codex, WordPress manual: Great starter stuff: Developer’s guide to WordPress, by WordPress: Plugin Developer Handbook: Get involved with! Kinsta has an amazing knowledge base: This is sweet, full list of WP hooks: Linux Excellent source for tutorials re: all … Read moreResource List