About Own Your WordPress

thanks for visiting my website and my wiki! I’m amy kamala and I’m a WordPress technician and dev/ops engineer. I have worked with WordPress and in hosting for 5 years and have helped thousands of people around the globe feel more confident and be more capable when working with their WordPress websites. I did some math and it turns out that I have fixed over 45,000 website errors for panicked (mostly WordPress) users.

Working directly with WordPress users has led me to truly understand the challenges and concerns website owners face. Those 45,000+ people were in a panic largely because they don’t know how to fix their issue, or even what the issue is.

I’m hoping we can help change that for some of you – so that when you are faced with an error or issue you have adequate resources to handle it without panic. Technology *seems* like magic and *feels* like a mystery only when we don’t yet have the information to understand it. Breaking things down into parts and reviewing it systematically can make all the difference.

In the spirit of open source I am sharing How To’s and technical information as part of a “own your wordpress” series (of wiki articles and talks), so that people have more resources to find and use the tools they need to achieve their website goals. I want to give you information because your knowledge and empowerment only benefits the world.

If you don’t want to do the work yourself, my team and I developed a series of WordPress maintenance packages (optimization, database clean up, SEO, etc) to help people have more performant, more secure and more popular websites. You can request one of those maintenance packages by hitting my contact page, or if you host with dreamhost you can order a maintenance package through their DreamCare developer service (which I helped start. woot!).

I wouldn’t have made it this far, myself, without the open sharing of information. The internet and technology also wouldn’t have made it this far without the sharing of information. Thank you to everyone who has taught me things and thank you to everyone who is teaching others!

Much like wealth, information is regenerative and there is more than enough to go around, provided that we keep sharing it. When we start to hoard knowledge only for ourselves we’re depriving the world of reaching its potential. Everyone and everything benefits when we openly share resources; wealth, love, kindness, and especially information.

So pay it forward, friends. <3 share share share