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WordPress Getting started with WordPress by WordPress: Codex, WordPress manual: Great starter stuff: Developer’s guide to WordPress, by WordPress: Plugin Developer Handbook: Get involved with! Kinsta has an amazing knowledge base: This is sweet, full list of WP hooks: Linux Excellent source for tutorials re: all … Read moreResource List

Own Your WordPress: How To Optimize

Table of contents Introduction Why should I optimize? What happens if my site is slow? What is WordPress? Intro to the WordPress Database tl;dr tips for optimization Optimization do’s and don’ts Hosting Hosting Features PHP environment Own your PHP environment with php.ini How to edit files Setting PHP limits with wp-config.php About .htaccess Browser-side caching … Read moreOwn Your WordPress: How To Optimize

Own Your WordPress: How to Optimize slides wclv ’19

WordCamp Las Vegas ’19 I had an amazing time at WordCamp Vegas 2019 this past weekend! Thank you to the event organizers for hosting and for doing an incredible job! I plowed through these slides during my talk, since I packed it so full of information in a typical amy fashion. This presentation originally had … Read moreOwn Your WordPress: How to Optimize slides wclv ’19